Morality, Emotion and the Force


The PCs are tied to the Force through their spiritual wellbeing. As they act virtuously or selfishly, they reinforce their attunement to the light or dark side of the Force; their actions supporting their most prominent emotional strengths and weaknesses can also influence this connection. In this adventure, certain actions are flagged as ones that cause or remove Conflict points. PCs who undertake such actions move themselves closer to or further away from the dark side. Some of the flagged actions may also be tied to the unique emotional strengths or weaknesses of a particular PC (see the table below) and may cause or remove Conflict points because of that PC’s specific nature.

 In addition, the GM can assign a PC 1 Conflict or more for actions of extreme selfishness or aggression, using the examples throughout this adventure as guidelines. When GMs choose to do so, they should always warn players that their actions risk accruing Conflict should they commit to such a course. Finally, tapping into the dark side (see Using the Force in the Force and Destiny Beginner Game Rulebook, page 38) to fuel Force powers causes a PC to gain 1 Conflict.

Each PC begins with zero Conflict, and that figure may increase or decrease over the course of the adventure. If a PC has at least 5 Conflict, that PC’s strain threshold is reduced by two until Conflict drops to 4 or less. However, if a PC has a negative Conflict value due to removing more Conflict than has been gained, that PC’s strain threshold is increased by two until Conflict returns to a value of zero or higher.

Character’s Emotional Strength & Emotional Weakness

Kaveri Ra

Strength: Enthusiasm: Kaveri Ra is always looking to the horizon, trying to spot the next big challenge. She never lacks for a can-do attitude or the willingness to get started. At her best, Kaveri Ra is a boundless fount of energy and determination.

Weakness: Recklessness: Looking ahead can lead Kaveri to lose sight of where she is right now, and chasing down new challenges means she might lose track of the one she is pursuing currently. At her worst, Kaveri Ra just can’t stay focused on any one thing.

Dao Jodh

Strength: Discipline: Dao Jodh is never rash or thoughtless in his actions. When making important decisions, he strives to examine each option carefully and objectively in order to make the right choice, not only for himself, but for the galaxy. At his best, Dao Jodh is full of wisdom and consideration.

Weakness: Obstinateness: Careful introspection usually leads Dao Jodh to the right answer, but this means he has built up a habit of being correct. He tries to consider all evidence carefully, but if the evidence suggests he has made a mistake, then he is as likely to see a flaw in the evidence as to adjust his course. At his worst, Dao Jodh is stubborn and willful.


Strength: Compassion: Sarenda always has time to help those in need, and she rarely considers anything she owns so important that she would not give it to someone who needs it more. What’s more, Sarenda’s sense of compassion doesn’t stop at charity and empathy—she is a tireless crusader who seeks to fight injustice and halt the problems afflicting the galaxy at their source. At her best, Sarenda is a selfless champion for the downtrodden.

Weakness: Cruelty: Sarenda doesn’t just want to help the helpless, but to stop those who would prey on them. Sometimes she can do this with persuasive words or a tough stance, but at other times, she finds that only violence can dissuade someone. At times like these, it can be hard for Sarenda not to feel a sense of satisfaction in letting loose on a deserving target, even if her foe is no match for her. At her worst, Sarenda ends up becoming just another predator, albeit one with a particular choice in targets.

Tarast Voon

Strength: Curiosity: Tarast Voon has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. He wants to learn all he can, from Jedi mysteries to the local gossip to the lives and doings of those around him. He doesn’t seek this knowledge for the power it brings, but for the joy of learning. Once he learns a new fact or lesson, he happily shares it with anyone who wants to know. At his best, Tarast Voon is full of insight on a wide range of topics.

Weakness: Obsession: Sometimes Tarast Voon’s desire to learn can get him into trouble. When he sees an opportunity to find out some new fact, he rarely lets it go—even if it means exposing himself and his friends to potential danger. When he encounters a puzzle he can’t solve, he can’t just let it be, but devotes a huge portion of his time to figuring it out. At his worst, Tarast Voon just doesn’t know when to let go.

Pon Edestus

Strength: Bravery: Pon Edestus is unconcerned with the odds against him, so long as the cause for which he fights is worth his time. Nothing daunts or fazes him, and his confidence is boundless. At his best, Pon Edestus is willing to do anything that needs to be done, no matter how challenging or dangerous.

Weakness: Anger: Brash as he is, Pon Edestus sometimes lets himself cut loose on things that don’t warrant it. His enthusiasm can quickly take a darker tone when he is in battle, especially if he sees his friends or other good people get hurt. Even outside of combat, he gets frustrated by the need to wait, sit still, or hide and is always looking for an excuse for action. At his worst, Pon Edestus tends to pick fights or get into trouble without considering the consequences.

Belandi Feearr

Strength: Mercy: Belandi Feearr is invested in the wellbeing of everyone around her. Her connection to the Force has led her to a greater connection to other people, and she always tries to act to bring about the greatest possible good—even for those who might consider themselves her enemies. At her best, Belandi Feearr is a staunch advocate for harmony and peace.

Weakness: Apathy: While universal peace is a noble goal, there are always those who refuse to cooperate with it. Belandi Feearr tries to see the best in people, but some people don’t have much best to see, and try to use her kindness against her. Even when confronted with the worst in sapient life, Belandi is hesitant to harm another—even if it would ultimately protect more people than it hurt. At her worst, Belandi can be unwilling to confront evil, even if no other option seems available.

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Morality, Emotion and the Force

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