A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Episode 3.7

Temple of Destiny

It is a dark time in the galaxy. The Jedi Order has been destroyed and knowledge of the Force is all but lost. Only a handful of people sensitive to the Force remain, scattered across the stars, ignorant of their destiny.

Humble scholar Hethan Romund has preserved a fragment of the heritage of the Jedi. Traveling the galaxy, Romund stumbled across a number of people still strong in the Force and offered them what wisdom she could. Now, Romund has been captured by Malefax, a servant of the dark side of the Force. Compelled by Malefax to lead him to a lost temple rich in ancient knowledge, Romund has sent a signal to several of the Force-sensitive allies she has made over the course other career.

Drawn together to rescue their mentor, these Force- sensitives now climb the snow-clad slopes of Mount Tellec on the Outer Rim planet Spintir….

Reflection Peak

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